Happy 100th Birthday Ferger Place!

Ferger place was the first gated community south of the Mason Dixson line. But it wasn’t gated to keep intruders out, unless you consider wandering livestock to be ‘intruders.’ In 1910, Highland Park & Ferger Place were the ‘burbs, farmland even, and the Ferger brothers weren’t going to stand for any cows on Morningside or Eveningside Drives.

There are no worries about cattle roaming the neighborhood anymore and the gates have long since been taken down but the pillars remain, along with the private park for the benefit of the residents.

Help the residents of Ferger Place (along with a few descendants of those brothers Ferger) celebrate the historic neighborhood’s 100th Anniversary tomorrow from 10am-5pm. Lots of activities and entertainment along with a few street vendors to keep the crowds fed.

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